July Sunday Morning Worship Service

For the month of July we are holding one service on Sundays at 9:00AM.

In the spirit of being mindful of others, our interim plan includes;

1.    Wearing masks when inside the building in solidarity with those who are not fully vaccinated.

2.    We will initially space out the seating and will add seats if attendance requires more seating.

3.    We ask that you do not linger inside the building before or after the service. There will be ample opportunity to greet each other outside.

4.    Hand sanitizer will still be available and we encourage you to use it.

5.    Directional arrows should still be followed when entering and leaving the building.

6.    Offerings will continue to be received at the back of the auditorium near the kitchen.

7.    Please stay at home if not feeling well. 

We will continue streaming on Facebook and YouTube


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