COVID-19 Response

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Dear Church Family,

On July 12 we began to meet again in person for Sunday worship, with services limited to no more than fifty people as per the health authorities.  It was important to the church leadership that everyone who wanted to come on a Sunday would have the opportunity to do so.  With over 200 adults and children who consider Sooke Baptist to be their home church, and with our former regular attendance being over 140 people, we planned for two identical services at 9AM and 11AM and requested the church family to only attend one service every other week to ensure space for everyone who wished to attend.

The last three weeks we have been at half capacity every service.

Beginning this Sunday August 2, we would like to welcome those who wish to attend in person every week to do so. If further adjustments need to be made in September we will advise the church.

We ask that everyone continue to register on Eventbrite, as we are still limited as to numbers and are required to maintain a list of those who are in the building at each service.

Please join us in worship as you feel comfortable either by attending in person or joining with us on the 9AM livestream on Facebook (you may start watching the livestream anytime at or after 9:00  AND a recording is also available to watch later on either Facebook or YouTube).

Warm regards,


on behalf of the deacons and elders

Return to Church Plan at Sooke Baptist Church
Start Date: July 12, 2020
The church board has been working on plans for the congregation to meet in the building in groups of 50 or less. Sunday service will continue to be available on the live stream and YouTube channel. Please decide what is best for you and your family; come as you are comfortable and confident to do so.
Service times and details:
Two Services: 9:00am and 11:00am. Services will be shortened to allow for cleaning in between. There will be 40 seats available to people in the church family, 5 for the ministry team, and 5 set aside in case of drop-ins from the community.
Attendance alternate weeks: In order to stay under the number requirements and to give everyone a chance to attend if they wish, we are asking that people attend every second week or twice a month as it fits with your schedule. This will be based on the honour system.
How to Reserve Seats on Eventbrite website:
Please use the Eventbrite website to reserve seats. Please do not just show up as there may not be seats available. Please reserve for each person in your family including children and babies. Tickets are first come first serve on the website.
Every two weeks two Sundays will be released to reserve seats, each with a 9:00am and 11:00am option. Seat reservation will open on Wednesday at 6:00pm and remain open until the Saturday evening at 9:00pm before the given Sunday. On Saturday after 5:00pm, if there are still seats available, they are available to anyone.
For example, for the first two weeks:
For Sunday, July 12: Seats available from Wednesday, July 8 at 6:00pm until Saturday, July 11 at 9:00pm.
For Sunday, July 19: Seats available from Wednesday, July 8 at 6:00pm until Saturday, July 18 at 9:00pm.
On Wednesday, July 22, seats will be available for Sunday, July 26 and Sunday, August 2.
Go to:
• Select date (example: Sooke Baptist Church Worship Service – July 12).
• Click “Register.”
• Choose either the 9:00am or 11:00am service.
• Select number of seats and click “Register.”
• Provide one name and an email to represent the reserved seats.
• Click “Register.”
• Done! You don’t need to print the ticket. The church will have a list for you to check in on Sunday.
Reserving seats if you don’t have access to internet:
Call the church and we will reserve for you. ((250) 642-3424) Please call on Thursday.
What to expect when you get to church:
• When you enter the building: Please enter through the front doors. You will check in with the welcome team in the foyer, then an usher will direct you to your seats.
• Seating: All groups of seats will be at least 6 feet apart. Please do not move the seats.
• Face masks: We will need to wear them when we enter and exit the church and any time we are not in our seats. When we are in our seats, we can take them off.
• Hallways: Hallways will be one-way; there are arrows to guide you! After using the washroom, enter back into the sanctuary using the hall door on the side.
• Coffee: Please bring your own coffee in a travel mug as we are not yet serving coffee.
• Windows and doors will be open: Please bring extra layers if you might be cold.
• Visiting with others: You are welcome to visit with others but please keep 6 feet distance, and please wear your mask if inside. After the service, feel free to visit outside but please do not block doors.
 Timing details:
• Please arrive 15 minutes before service starts to check in.
• Please leave the building shortly after the first service so that the building can be sanitized for the second service. You are welcome to visit outside where the swings are or behind the church; there is lots of space!
Other details:
• No bulletin. This will continue to be online as it is now.
• Offering via CanadaHelps and/or the debit machine.
• The church library will remain closed for the time being.
• There are now automatic paper towel dispensers in the washrooms and kitchen.
• The church has a sanitation system to quickly sanitize between services.
Willing to Serve? For the first two weeks, the board members will welcome, check-in, and usher people while we get the used to this new process. After that, we will look to the church body to assist in these service roles.
Alternatives to meeting in the building:
• Continue to watch services with those you live with in your home.
• Watch services in a home with others to form a “House Church.”
For information or clarification please contact Rick at the church: (250) 642-3424.
We can’t wait to see you!

March 31, 2020
Dear Sooke Baptist Congregation,
Praying that you are all well…  
As you are all aware of current events due to COVID-19, Sooke Baptist will continue to follow what we have currently in place for the month of April to ensure we follow what is outlined by the BC Health Officer recommendation as it pertains to social distancing and self-quarantine.
Sunday services: SBC will continue to be LiveStreamed every Sunday morning at 10:00 am on the Sooke Baptist Facebook site.  We have had a great number of viewers over the last few weeks!  If you are not able to view it at 10:00 am please know that you can always view the service at a later time.
Gatherings for Alpha, Big House Breakfast, SYNC, Worship Practice, Seniors Meetings, and any other internal / external events will continue to be placed on hold.
Some of our Life Groups are taking advantage of technology to meet remotely. Our Church Board has been meeting twice a week on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings using remote Technology as well.  We spend this time praying for and discussing our Church and Community.
Financially, we have reduced some of our operating expenses during COVID-19 (reducing the heating of the church when not in use, etc) but we still have ongoing expenses to cover. Please continue to contribute your offering by dropping off your envelope at the church (please call ahead to make sure there is someone available).  We also have the debit machine available.  You may also electronically donate at
As Easter approaches, know that our Saviour Lives!   We have had to make changes in the way we do things due to this virus, but we are assured that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8
If you have any questions or comments, please contact any member of the Church Board.
God Bless,  Michael Wilson, Board Chair
Deacons: Michael Wilson, Denise Brummell, Laura Ferguson, Darcy Patterson, Carol Davies, Andrew Schell
Elders: Les PattersonRichard Steele