Life Groups

life groups

Our life groups are the primary point of connection at Sooke Baptist.

If you would like more info about joining a life group, please contact  us.


 DAY                TIME       DEMOGRAPHIC                              TOPIC                                                CONTACT
Sunday 9 am Adult Group @ church Through the Bible Contact: Walter, 915-309-6422
Monday 7:15 pm Women Craig Groeschel Podcasts Contact: Carol, 250-642-4808 for location
Monday 7:30 pm Men @ church Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis Contact: Dave, 250-478-1770.
Monday 7:30 pm Women @ church Book of Acts, Sermon Series Contact: Darcy, 250-642-6405.
Tuesday 9:30 am Women @ the church The Power of a Women’s Words. Children are welcome. Contact: Erica, 250-642-3424.
Tuesday 5:30 pm Adult What to Expect (Marriage). Children are welcome Contact: Matt, 250-665-8099 for meeting location
Tuesday 7:00 pm Women When Jesus quoted the Old Testament Contact: Suzanne, 250-661-4444 for meeting location
Tuesday 7:00 pm Adult @ 2363 Sunriver Place New to Faith Contact: Rick, 250-642-3577
Wednesday 1:30 pm Adult @ church That the World May Know – DVD series Contact: Dale, 250-646-2990
Wednesday 7:00 pm Adult @ 1579 Whiffen Spit Rd God as He longs for you to see him Contact: Dave, 778-908-1130
Wednesday 7:00 pm Adult @ #122-1991 Kaltasin Rd.  Book of Acts, Sermon Series Contact: Tim, 250-642-7996