Grace Gardens


Mini Documentary about Grace Gardens by Stephen Hindrichs


Purpose Statement for the Sooke Grace Gardens

We are followers of Jesus, who through the garden and the bounty it will produce, will help meet the practical needs of people in our city by offering free of charge fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits, to community groups (ie. Food Bank, Women’s Shelter) as well as individuals in need.

We envision and intend the garden to be a place of beauty and interaction – people with people and people with nature for all ages.

We will implement perma-culture principles and organic growing practices, while educating children, gardeners and people, receiving produce from the gardens.

We will practice succession planting. We will not use pesticides, herbicides, chemical based fertilizers. We will use non- GMO seeds, and will grow and propagate native plants.

We will harvest as much rainwater water as possible to use during dry times.